Helping Horses

I feel the best blessing in life is the feeling when you give. I want to give back to the animal that gives us so much joy. There are horses out there that need our help.

Many unwanted horses are being, surrendered to rescues, abandoned, neglected, abused and sent to slaughter.

So when I first created this shop I decided money from every order would be donated to horse rescues. To give back and hopefully make a difference in the lives of horses needing help.

5% of each order is going to a respectable horse rescue of your choice.

See it as a bonus to shopping at Joyful Equestrian! 

How You Can Choose Where The Donation Money Goes?

You are able to choose 1 out of 6 rescues that I am supporting, for the order's donation to go toward. This is powered by the Shopping Gives App.

You can choose the rescue you want it to go to above the add to cart button on the product page or on the top of shopping bag page.

On personalized product pages, you may not see this option. That's okay you can still choose the rescue on the Shopping Bag page at the top.

Any questions just send an email to

You can learn about the rescues below and go to the sites to learn more and if you feel led donate directly to them.

Different things the money goes towards:

  • saving horses at risk for going to slaughter
  • rescuing horses from bad situations 
  • taking in horses people can no longer afford
  • helping support the cost of horse care and running the rescues 

Horses cost a lot of money and many equine rescues become limited in how many horses they can save because they can't afford the upkeep of another.

Unwanted Horse Facts (ASPCA)

  • Over 200,000 unwanted horses in the US alone
  • Only 6,000-10,000 are safe in horse rescues and equine sanctuary's.
  • Not all of these horses get adopted and some are permanent residents for behavioral problems or health reasons.


Horse Rescues Available To Choose For Donation


Horse Plus Humane Society

Horse Plus Humane Society is a Full Circle of Life Horse Shelter and will never turn a horse away. Having compassion for all horses, no matter what stage of life they are in, is extremely important. From their beginning to their end, horses find safety, love, compassion and peace at Horse Plus Humane Society. 

Every year we help hundreds of horses transition from a rough place in their life to a new start. Our wonderful team of veterinarians and horse trainers work with the horses to help them become happy, healthy and adoptable. 


New Vocations Race Horse Adoption Program

New Vocations is the largest racehorse adoption program in the country serving more than 500 horses a year.  Founded in 1992 our mission to rehabilitate, retrain and rehome retired racehorses has led to the placement of over 7,000 individuals.  With seven facilities in Kentucky, Louisiana, New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania, New Vocations serves over 40 racetracks, working directly with owners and trainers in need of equine aftercare options.


NEER North


NEER North is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to saving horses, donkeys, and ponies whose lives are at risk in our local area. We also work with horse owners to help them avoid crisis situations, network with other rescues and educate the public about equine abuse and rescue. 

We actively rescue horses and donkeys in need. There are a wide variety of situations including owner surrenders, abuse and neglect, where these majestic animals are at risk of diminished health or, worse yet, at risk for slaughter.

NEER North is a safe haven where these animals are rehabilitated with the intention of adoption into new families.  NEER North also networks closely with other reputable equine rescue organizations, assisting where needed. 


Days End Farm Horse Rescue

The mission of Days End Farm Horse Rescue (DEFHR) is not only to rescue and rehabilitate suffering horses, but to prevent abuse and neglect through education and community outreach. DEFHR offers a wide variety of educational programs and internships, providing opportunities for experiential learning. DEFHR also shares online resources  for learning about equine welfare, rescue and rehabilitation. 

Connecticut Draft Horse Rescue 

Connecticut Draft Horse Rescue (CDHR) was founded in 2011 as a a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation. To date, we have rescued over 100 draft horses and currently have 16 residents at our farm, Autumn Ridge, in East Hampton, Connecticut. We are 100% volunteer run and operate solely on donations.

Our mission is to give draft horses a second chance at life, saving them through intercepts, auctions, and kill pens, as well as providing a home for horses whose owners can no longer provide care for them. We are the alternative to auctions and slaughter.


MidAtlantic Horse Rescue 

MidAtlantic Horse Rescue is a Federal 501(c)3 non profit organization. We buy slaughter bound ex-racehorses and transition thoroughbreds off the track. After quarantine and careful evaluation, we adopt them into good homes as pleasure and sport horses.

How You Can Help Advocate For Horse Adoption & Help Rescues Save More Horses

 My mission is to not only bring joy to your life with awesome horse themed products and donate money to help horses in need, but also to advocate for adoption. So more horses will find their safe, stable home and rescues can take in more horses. We all deserve love, especially our beloved equine friends so thanks for making this happen!

1. Consider rescuing or horse adoption instead of purchasing. When you adopt you give a horse a second chance and free up a spot at the rescue so that another horse can be saved.

2. Volunteer at your local horse rescue. Whether cleaning tack, mucking stalls, office work, dumping and scrubbing waters, helping with fundraisers, grooming horses, or whatever they need help with. Your help can make a difference in how well the rescue performs. Some rescues are purely volunteer run.

3.Do you have a horse adoption success story? Share it with everyone! Email via Your story will be shared on our blog and socials.

4. Donations. Rescues always need donations. That is how they keep afloat. Of course there is money donations but product donations are helpful as well. Most rescues have a Wish-list of items they need. Consider donating items from their Wish-list.

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