An Ottb Named Avi | A Horse Rescue Story

This is Alexa's story of rescuing her OTTB Avi. Thank you Alexa for sharing!

You can see more of Alexa and Avi on Instagram @avitheottb. You can check out their Instagram profile here.


On thanksgiving of 2017, I came across an ad of a horse who would be sent out to slaughter the following day.

It was his final plea for rescue.

His sad brown eyes just did something to my heart so I impulsively sent in the money for him.

I had never owned a horse before and had been out of riding for 10 years.

I must have been crazy- what a chance to take, to blindly rescue a horse from an online ad.  

It is 3 and 1/2 years later and I’m so happy I took that chance.

Avi is my best friend and the first pair of ears that I want to see when I walk out to the barn.

Every day, still, I wake up and want to pinch myself that I found him. Or he found me. Or whatever. “who rescued whom?” 

Do you have an horse adoption or rescue story you want to share also?

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